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Ziemer Law, LLC is a legal office specializes in family and criminal law. We serve clients in Newburgh and the surrounding areas. Our legal team is headed by Jay Ziemer, an attorney with over 25 years of experiencing representing individuals, businesses and government entities in the area. Ziemer Law has developed a highly positive reputation because of our amazing results and our ability to provide effective legal assistance for our clients.

Whether you're fighting a drug charge, DUI, divorce case, child support, paternity, traffic infraction or another type of legal case, we're the right legal team for you. Because of our vast experience and our commitment to helping our clients, we've become one of the best legal teams in the area. We are passionate about our work and we are constantly improving our services to better serve our clients.

At Ziemer Law, our clients' satisfaction is our main priority. We will always keep you updated about your case, and we'll give you quality guidance that will help you throughout the legal process.

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Family Law Attorney - Newburgh, FL

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